Maritime   Water Technology

Wasseraufbereitung, Maritim, Kreuzfahrt, Umkehrosmose

AMOLLO Water Technology GmbH specializes in reverse osmosis treatment of fresh water. We excel in providing innovative concepts for the improvement of the economical and ecological performance of the treatment plant.


ION Exchanger - Soft water applications

Entkalken, Wasseraufbereitung, weiches Wasser

Chalk creates inconvenient limescale in many use cases after jetting and washing. The AMOLLO soft water module reduces chalk. Washing your car, boat or windows now results in streak free glossy surfaces. It also allows you to fill up your radiators with chalk free water. (Only in German)


Industrial & Municipal Application

Wasseraufbereitung, Pumpen, Energieeinsparung, IE4 Motoren, Membranfiltration

AMOLLO Water Technology GmbH will find the best solution for filtration and pump applications for industrial, municipal and hotel use.