RO Plants - Newbuildings - Refits - Capacity extensions

On many Cruise Vessels the existing RO Plants come to an age where  the production capacity is not any longer sufficient and the components are under non reliable conditions. On the other hand some of the components are under good maintenance and the owners question is if the plant should be replaced by a new RO plant or if it is more economic to refurbish the plant in combination with a capacity upgrade and an energy optimization. 

Amollo Water Technology offer you a full plant inspection free of charge to balance the different solutions.   


If a plant upgrade and refurbishment is recommended the Key advantages are:

  • Capacity extension up to 50% with additional concentrate treatment (Interstage Boosting). No additional pump is necessary 
  • Reduction of the energy consumption by up to 70% (2,8kWh/m3) by the use of high efficient energy recovery systems like Danfoss ISave or Salinova (KSB) Salino, ERI, Fedco etc. 
  • Cost efficiency by single refurbishment steps according to the available budget
  • Fast installation time compare to a new plant      - no foundation work is necessary 

If a refurbishment is not recommended Amollo is also pleased to offer you a new RO or water treatment plant.


Newbuilding plants will be pre manufactured as single skid parts or as a complete unit and will be installed inside a container or on site.