Watertreatment 4.0 "green" & Innovative

AMOLLO Water Technology GmbH offers innovative concepts for filtration based water treatment. Our plants are used in the maritime industry, for municipal and industrial applications. Our 15 year experience in the industry allows us to deliver high quality solutions for new plants, restoration and refits and upgrading of existing membrane and filtration based units.


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Water Treatment Plants

Filtration based water treatment can be used for a lot of applications. We offer the right concept from simple particle filtration to reverse osmosis systems. By applying the correct amounts of chemical additives and remineralization filters we ensure that your fresh water is in equilibrium and non-corrosive.

We offer:

  • Mechanical automatic filters
  • Sand filters (multimedia filters)
  • Cartridge filters
  • Membrane systems such as reverse osmosis and micro/ultrafiltration
  •  Remineralization filters
  •  Ion exchange columns and
  •  UV systems

RO - SYSTEMS                                             NEW INSTALLATIONS AND REFIT CONCEPTS

The design and construction of reverse osmosis systems for sea water desalination are the specialty of Amollo Water Technology GmbH. 

Our treatment plants are not off the shelf, but planned according to every customer’s individual requirements. Our focus is especially on space requirements and energy consumption. 

More than 15 years of experience in the desalination business ensure the longevity of our RO systems on our clients’ premises.


When treating seawater with chemicals on board of vessels, we strictly adhere to the requirements of the VSP (Vessel Sanitation Program). We deliver and commission high quality dosing and measurement technology by well-known manufacturers from the treatment of bunkered water to the measurement of chlorine levels at the “Far Distance Point”. 

Energy Saving Conzepts

The protection of the environment and the reduction of CO2 emissions is of utmost concern to us. We therefore strive in converting your plant to current standards, reducing cost and CO2 emissions. Based on the newest energy recovery systems and membranes we develop suitable concepts for your existing reverse osmosis plant. We naturally use the latest generation IE4 motors. Some jurisdictions offer subsidies for the conversion of certain pumps to IE4 motors and we can also assist in applying for these.

Further information about energy recovery systems are available at the following link

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Service and remote monitoring

AMOLLO Water Technology GmbH has developed a unique remote monitoring system allowing the supervision of water treatment plants from the distance. We install it on new units, but it can also be retrofitted to existing ones. The AMOLLO remote monitoring systems tracks key parameters of your plant enabling us to identify potential problems well in advance, reducing the need for short notice service missions of our service technicians and increasing the uptime of your treatment plant.

Should your treatment plant require servicing, our team of qualified technicians and engineers is available worldwide.



Spare Parts & Chemicals

Due to our broad knowledge of different treatment systems built by different manufacturers and our large network of suppliers, we can provide you with any spare part you require. Structured campaign management for consumables such as cartridge filters guarantees the best prices for our clients and shows our innovative approach even to presumably simple and mature parts of our business. Our own line of chemicals includes all the required cleaning agents and antiscalats allowing your membrane system’s long term ecological and sustainable operation. Please contact us for custom spare parts, chemicals and consumables for which we offer our structured campaigns. We are always happy to discuss your challenges and provide advice.


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Projektmanagement & Consulting

15 years of experience in plant engineering of membrane and filtration systems have provided us with enough experience to support your projects. If you are a manufacturer of filtration based water treatment systems, but you lack time and capacity to implement your projects, please talk to us to find out how our experience of numerous maritime and onshore projects can be used to your advantage.


We are especially experienced in the following areas:


  • Refits during operations
  • Refits during dry dockings
  • Water treatment plants for new buildings

Onshore/ Land based

  • Landfill water applications
  • Water and sewage works